Table Rates Shipping Setup

Table Rates can be set up with any Spread Sheet application and imported directly from Google Sheets or via a CSV. If you already have table sheets from a Magento shop all you need to do is update the country codes from three character codes to two character codes.

Step 1: Prepare the table rate sheet

Sheet setup via Google Sheets

  1. Open the template that best suits your need here:
    Weight Vs Destination template
    Price v. Destination
    Number of Items v. Destination
  2. Select all (ctrl/⌘ A) and Copy (ctrl/⌘ c) the sheets cells.
  3. Create a new sheet in Google Sheet or other spreadsheet application
  4. Paste (ctrl/⌘ V) the data into the new sheet

Sheet setup via CSV

  1. Sheet setup via CSV
  2. Download our Weight Vs Destination csv template here:
    Weight Vs. Destination template
    Price v. Destination
    Number of Items v. Destination
  3. Open the file in a spreadsheet application

Step 2: Enter shipping data

  • Use an asterisk as a wild card for all possible values for a destination
  • Country column must use valid two character code for each row
  • Weight is based on pounds

If you are not using Google Sheets save the sheet and export it as a CSV.

Step 3: Create the Table Rate in Shopify

  1. Return to the Table Rates Shipping app in Shopify
  2. Click “Add Table Rate”
  3. Give the rate a name. Note that this is the name customers will see in the Shopify shipping calculator.
  4. Give the rate a description. Customers will also see this in the shipping calculator.
  5. Import shipping data:
    Via CSV:
    1. Click ‘Add file’
    2. Select your csv you created in Step 2
    Via Google Sheets:
    1. Click the ‘Choose Sheet’ button
    2. In the popup window, log into your Google Account
    3. From the list if sheets, choose the sheet you created in Step 2.
    4. Choose the worksheet and click “Use sheet”
  6. Verify the sheet data is correct and click “Save”

Table Rates Shipping FAQs