Table Rate Shipping FAQs

Q: What is the maximum number of table rates?
A: The maximum number of rates allowed is 5.

Q: What format do the country codes need to be in?
A: Country column must use valid two character code.

Q: What format is required in the Region/State column?
A: A two letter State, Province or Territory code is required in the Region/State column.

Q: What unit is used in the weight column?
A: Weight is calculated in pounds in the weight column. If you require another unit of weight to be used, please contact us. We will be adding more units in future versions.

Q: Some rates are not showing up for some shipping locations, why?
A: Navigate to your store’s Shopify Admin -> Settings -> ‘Shipping and Delivery’ and check to make sure the locations you’d like to provide rates for are enabled and that ‘Table Rates Shipping’ is listed for those locations.

Q: What data do you save?
A: We save your store URL and your uploaded table data to refer to when a customer on your store requests a shipping quote. We don’t save any data about your customers, orders.

Q: What happens to my data if I remove your app?
A: When you remove our app, all data about your store and rates is deleted.